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of the Rings




- on DVD!

From the sexual subcultures of Copenhagen and Amsterdam comes three erotic in-depth documentaries about BDSM, Body Art & the modern Fetish scene!




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English-language commentary by the director + special guests: Stig Christensen, Spritt Schapiro and Lady O

Optional english subtitles

Digitally remastered image and sound

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Marquis: (# 31, 2004)
... Steen Schapiro has certainly succeeded. (...) His devotion to his subject matter is particularly evident in the 38-minute film "Dominans". Schapiro (...) gives doms and subs a lot of room to talk about their passions - thus those involved go beyond the usual clichés to give viewers an intimate glimpse into their souls. Piercing, tattoo and bodyart are the subjects of "Mistress of the Rings". Debunking the myth that body modifactions have only become trendy in the past few years, the film demonstrates that true believers aren't concerned with style, but with an attitude towards life. Sandra Taubeneck

Secret Magazine: (# 9, on Dominans)
When I saw the video for the first time, I loved it. And if you are a regular reader of SECRET, you will know that I don't often give compliments like this. It is, in my opinion (for what that counts) one of the best, if not, THE best SM video I have ever seen, and I have seen some, believe me! Jürgen Boedt

Skin Two (# 23, on Dominans)
There is no narrator so the whole film flows smoothly and vision-like. The camerawork is interesting - unusual shots and enigmatic use of red light. This is an extremely engrossing piece which can be watched again and again ... Julia Collings

Amos Vogel (1995, on Dominans)
It is a "real" film - the best compliment I know of. Amos Vogel

Film Threat Video Guide (# 13, on Dominans)
It's very tastefully and elegantly done (...) I found myself to be more educated, interested in and aroused by, understanding of and less judgemental about SM and its devotees than I was before I saw Dominans. Merle Bertrand

(# 39, on Mistress of the Rings)
One of the best videos I have seen about piercing comes from Copenhagen. (...) Ms Hintze is a very articulate and thoughtful woman. (...) She is familiar with modern day references such as PFIQ and Body Art as well as the history of piercing in India, Egypt and Borneo. Debbie Wertheim

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