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My sister Spritt appears in the film...
Mistress of the Rings

Denmarks first female piercer, Mette Hintze, guides us into the world of Piercing; decorating and transforming the body. A group of Copenhagen's foremost body artists expose themselves and their secret lives of tattooing, fetishism, punk, BDSM and much more...

Mistress of the Rings introduced piercing and Modern Primitives to Denmark, giving both depth and visual stimulation to the fascinating subject matter.

A provoking and artistic experimental documentary video, shown on many international art festivals. Available on DVD, English subtitles.


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Mistress of the Rings is available on DVD


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Denmark, 1992
Betacam, 25 mins.
English subtitles

Director: Steen Schapiro
Script: Steen Schapiro
Photography: Kim Wermus
Sound: Kenneth Raun
Editing: Steen Schapiro
Starring: Mette Hintze, Spritt, and many more
Music: Chris Juris
Produced by the Danish Film Institute Workshop/Steen Schapiro

Mette Hintze, who in 1992 was a pioneer piercer in Denmark... .
Image from the film.