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Tatjana & Dave

From the De Mask show...


Backstage at the
Vero-Over show...

Kim Wermus, Steen Schapiro and Kenneth Raun waiting for EuroPerve V...
Fetish Generation

A cornucopia of sexual fantasies and sensual designs, ranging from the sublime to the extreme, from rubber maids' uniforms to metal evening dresses...

Fetish Generation was recorded in Amsterdam at the EuroPerve V, as the Fetish wave had not yet reached Denmark. At the month of the film's premiere, Copenhagen experienced its first major fetish party, and the phenomenon exploded.

The documentary film mixes in-depth interviews with provocative fashion shows, documenting one of the most significant and sensitive subcultural movements of recent times. Available on DVD, English spoken


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Fetish Generation is available on DVD


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Denmark, 1995
Betacam, 48 mins.
English spoken

Director: Steen Schapiro
Script: Steen Schapiro
Photography: Kim Wermus
Sound: Kenneth Raun
Editing: Steen Schapiro
Starring:De Mask, Vero-Over, Marquis, Gitane Demone...
Music: Chris Juris, Gitane Demone, OK Kings.
Produced by the Danish Film Institute Workshop/Steen Schapiro

Tatjana, the rubber mermaid... from the film's premiere.
The tourists had a grand day out...