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From Dominans..

From Dominans...

A group of Copenhagen's SadoMasochists, spearheaded by two dominatrixes, tells of passion and torture, ritual and evil, love and punishment.

DOMINANS dives into the BDSM subculture in Denmark, to bring both aesthetic and emotional depth to a subject matter that is all to often treated with superficialty, prejudice or sensationalism.

The film has met great critical acclaim from both film magazines and all major fetish/BDSM magazines. English subtitles.


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Denmark, 1994
Betacam, 38 mins.
English subtitles

Director: Steen Schapiro
Script: Steen Schapiro
Photography: Kim Wermus
Sound: Kenneth Raun
Editing: Steen Schapiro
Recorded at: The Black Society, SMil & SISC
Music:Jon Micke
Produced by the Danish Film Institute Workshop/Steen Schapiro

From "Dominans": Two lovers in the eye of the storm...